David Bozic

David Bozic is a Chicago native, using the influences of the city to merge into his work. David started drawing and painting at an early age and as he grew older, he let his life become the inspiration for his work. Along with his art education, his involvement in skateboard culture, street art and graffiti peaked David’s interest for the blend of fine art with street style. Constantly using a mix of mediums such as oil paint with spray paint, he redefines traditions to create a sophisticated yet rugged experience.

David’s affinity for mixing mediums has allowed him to explore and perfect different creative techniques. After earning a degree at the Art Institute, he has continued on to work both inside galleries and independently to create a name for himself nation-wide. Currently working as a graphic designer for a Chicago-based Corporation, he has previously worked as Creative Director at El Teatro, a national landmark in Chicago’s art district, and has been sought out by various companies to add to their public and private collections. He also works closely with personal clients to create the unique images they seek. Producing detailed paintings, murals, and graphic designs with his distinctive twist, David creates a new culture in which the classic and modern worlds are uniquely combined.